As one of the leading pioneers in ECCE Teacher Training in Singapore, our ECE courses focus on igniting the passion and deepening the knowledge and skills of early childhood education professionals. Our certificate and diploma programmes extend beyond conventional approaches.  We combine theory and practical experiences in a truly global setting, allowing our students to be immersed in best practices from around the world.  Whether you are an in-service teacher or a new entrant to the industry, you will be able to find a course suited to your career aspiration.

In our business and management courses, Faculty members from around the world who help to facilitate their learning – online or in campus will guide students. Interaction with them and with your fellow students will no longer be limited on paper or through face-to-face classes; it can also be largely asynchronous through discussion boards (a feature that is extremely critical to students, given the time zone differences).

This is particularly important with postgraduate education where there can be immediate applications of learning in the workplace. A common element among all the assessment instruments is a focus on real-world scenarios. Where this is not possible (or appropriate), the learner is placed in a hypothetical – but highly authentic – role-play situation.

Importantly, this assessment philosophy is in complete alignment with the teaching and learning strategy. In a learning outcomes-driven programme, students are presented with the opportunity to produce responses to assessment items that reveal ‘what they know’ rather than ‘what they don’t know’. This is consistent with the constructivist philosophy of education, where students are active participants in the learning process and not passive observers.

In our language and preparatory courses, Asian International College provides the first Preparatory Course delivered through bilingual immersion, to prepare individuals for a dynamic post-secondary education delivered in multiple countries as well as in different languages.

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