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Specialist Diploma in Preschool Curriculum and Pedagogy

Course Overview

The Specialist Diploma in Preschool Curriculum and Pedagogy is a specialised course of study which provides students with the various curriculum framework for early years, which aims to facilitate students to plan appropriately suitable integrated programmes for young children.

Students will be provided with knowledge to apply appropriate and suitable learning environment to meet the needs of young children.  The course will also introduce various strategies to observe, document and assess child learning.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Provide students with ability to observe, document and assess children learning and development.
  • Apply knowledge to design appropriate learning environment meeting the needs of each individual child
  • Use variety of approaches and strategies to facilitate developmentally appropriate curriculum for young children
  • Plan an integrated programme to meet the needs of young children.

Entry Requirements

Academic Requirements:

  • Credit in 5 GCE ‘O’ Levels including English Language, or equivalent

Language Requirements:

  • A credit in GCE ‘O’ Level English Language; or IELTS 5.0; or at least average SOA 5 in the WPL series

    The course comprises of 6 modules conducted over 16 months of a part-time study or 9 months of full-time study. Students are required to complete 450 hours of study.

    Students must pass all prescribed modules. Upon successful completion of the course, an “Specialist Diploma in Preschool Curriculum and Pedagogy” will be awarded by Asian International College.

    *This is not an Early  Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) accredited programme for registration as pre-school teachers

    The course is delivered through a variety of engaging, interactive and hands-on modes, which include face-to-face sessions, small group discussions, projects, role-play, blended or e-learning.

    Students will be assessed through various modes such as in-class test, individual/group work or written assignments.

    Module Name/Topic Name Duration (Hours)
    Evaluate teaching and learning approaches aligned to Curriculum Frameworks
    Apply classroom management strategies, and strategies to observe and document children’s learning
    Inculcate the core values of early childhood education through classroom activities and programmes (Beginning Pre-school Teacher)
    Set up quality learning environments (Beginning Pre-School Teacher)
    Foster trusting, respectful relationships with children through positive interactions with them
    Guide the development and enhancement of self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness and confidence in children
    Total Hours 450

    Please click here for module synopsis.

    Please click here for the course fee details.

    Course fees are subjected to changes without prior notice. For a full schedule of the miscellaneous fees, please click here.

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Specialist Diploma in Preschool Curriculum and Pedagogy

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