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Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Early Childhood Studies – University of East London

Awarded by University of East London


Course Overview

The BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies programme provides a critical, comprehensive and interdisciplinary preparation for multi-professional work in the early childhood sector.

Programme Aims

The programme is designed to give you the opportunity to:

  • Gain knowledge, understanding and a critical appreciation of early childhood studies;
  • Understand the development, needs and experience of young children, and the services which support them, particularly in relation to children with special needs and/or disabilities.
  • Achieve a foundation for employment, professional and further academic study in the early years domain;
  • Become a skilful and adaptable graduate.

What you will learn


  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding and practical skills relevant to academic study and professional practice in early childhood settings
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of the study of early childhood Studies and of the structural, institutional, personal and cultural systems and ideas which affect the experience and construction of childhood
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding about physical and intellectual development in early childhood and early childhood provision and organisations
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of strategies to remove barriers to participation for children with special needs and/or disabilities in the early years.

Thinking skills

  • Analyse practical and theoretical situations, in the context of child development and childhood, and synthesise solutions showing original and creative thought
  • Plan, manage and reflect on their own learning and progression in acquiring graduate attributes appropriate for entry to teacher training or other early childhood careers

Subject-Based Practical skills

  • Communicate appropriately and effectively in a range of modes and media
  • Relate appropriate theory to early childhood practice
  • Demonstrate understanding of research methodology by applying this knowledge to
  • Undertake a small-scale research project

Skills for life and work (general skills)

  • Demonstrate autonomy, self-reliance, teamwork and leadership.
  • Develop transferable graduate skills in communication and interpersonal relationships

Entry Requirements

Academic Requirement:

  • ‘A’ Levels or Equivalent accepted by university

Language Requirement:

  • GCE ‘O’ C6 in EL1 or IELTS 5.5
    • Full-time: 24 months (8 months per level)
    • Part-time: 36 months (12 months per level)

    The award of Bachelor’s Degree with Honours will be made if you satisfy the requirements for the award. The award is governed by a Standard Undergraduate Regulations (SUAR) and in order to achieve the honours degree you must gain 360 credits. Each module carries a specified number of credits and the course is designed to give you 120 credits at each level of study.

    The final award is classified as follows:

    • First Class an average mark of 70% or above
    • Second Class Division 1 an average mark of 60% or above but below 70%
    • Second Class Division 2 an average mark of 50% or above but below 60%
    • Third Class an average mark of 40% or above but below 50%

    The award of BA in Early Childhood Studies will be awarded if you gain a minimum of 300 credits with at least 60 at level 6.

    The programme is not an Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA)-accredited programme. Graduates who wish to work in the local early childhood sector will need to submit an application to ECDA for Teacher Registration via a preschool. Approval by ECDA will be subjected to the applicant meeting the requirements for Teacher Registration.

    The course is delivered through a variety of engaging, interactive and hands-on modes, which include face-to-face sessions, small group discussions, directed tasks/individual study.

    The close links between teaching, learning and assessment will be emphasised throughout the course. The development of a variety of assessment tasks integrated with the learning and teaching programme will ensure that you are given relevant and meaningful activities with specific outcomes. Many of your assessments will expect you to draw on your experience and work in placements.

    Examples of assessment include:

    • e-portfolios
    • Reflective accounts
    • Group Poster presentations
    • Observational notes
    • Case Study reports
    • Seminar presentation
    • Essays
    • Digital presentations

    Students will be given a university’s access to Moodle virtual learning environment. Students will be able to access to wide range of e-books and journals.

    Year 1 (UK-NQF Level 4):

    Module Code Module Title Credits Status
    ED4034 Pedagogy: Supporting Development in the Early Years 30  Core
    ED4009 Perspectives of Early Childhood Development 30  Core
    ED4010 Children in their Social Contexts 30  Core
    ED4012 Children with Additional Needs and Children’s Health 30  Core
    120 credits

    Year 2 (UK-NQF Level 5): 

    Module Code Module Title Credits Status
    ED5013 Issues and Controversies in Early Childhood Development 30  Core
    ED5004 Observing, Documenting and Researching with Children, Families and Practitioners 30  Core
    ED5016 Social Policy for Children and Families 30  Core
    ED5005 Advocating for Children: National and international Contexts 30  Core
    120 credits

    Year 3 (UK-NQF Level 6):

    Module Code Module Title Credits Status
    ED6007 Early Childhood Research Dissertation 30  Core
    ED6016 Leading and Managing Partnerships in the Early Years 30  Core
    ED6014 Children, Culture and Globalisation 30  Core
    ED6008 Multimodal Learning in Early Childhood 30  Option
    ED6002 Volunteering 30  Option
    120 credits

    Please click here for the course fee details.

    Course fees are subjected to changes without prior notice. For a full schedule of the miscellaneous fees, please click here.

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Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Early Childhood Studies – University of East London

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