Miscellaneous Fees

Fee Payable is defined as the total fees payable which include both course fee and miscellaneous fees except course application fee and agent commission fee (if applicable).  

Miscellaneous Fees refer to any non-compulsory and non-standard fee which the students will pay only when necessary or applicable, for example, re-exam fee, charges for credit card payment etc. Such payment is normally collected on an ad-hoc basis by the College when the need arises.   

Application Fee refers to the fee that the students pay the college for the sole purpose of processing the application form submitted so that the college can check if the student meets the course admission requirements. Application fees shall be collected upon receipt of the student application. 

  • Collection of fees (except Application Fees) only after the Student Contract has been executed and fees collected from students do not exceed the applicable fee collection cap. 
  • Application fees (if applicable) shall be collected upon receipt of the student application. 
  • Any other fees shall only be collected upon execution of the standard student contract. 
  • The College shall also that the fees collected adhere to the fee collection cap stated in the FPS Instruction Manual (for EduTrust certified Schools). 
  • All payments received by the College shall be accompanied with a receipt.

List of Miscellaneous Fees 

Purpose of Fee Amount (with GST, if any) (S$)
Photocopy $0.10 per page
Printing from PC $0.10 per page (black & white) / $1.00 per page (color)
Replacement of student card $10.90 per card
Loss of library book Price of book purchased (in S$)
Late return of library book $0.50 per day
Letter of Certification (process within 5 working days) $21.80 per letter
Urgent Student Request (within 24 hours) $54.50 per letter
Late payment $21.80 or 2% per month for each missed instalment, whichever is higher
Make-up class $27.25 per hour
Deferment of course $109.00 per request

(for WSQ related programmes)

$109.00 per face-to-face assessment session/paper
Re-take examination $109.00 per paper
Practicum supervision visit (additional) $174.40 per visit
Practicum re-assessment (failed the 1st assessment) $174.40 per assessment
Re-take practicum module (non-attendance previously) $ 174.40 per visit x number of visit
Re-take module $27.25 per hour
Appeal of result $109.00 per result
Re-printing of transcript issued by the College/SSG $16.35 per copy
Re-printing of certificate issued by the College/SSG

(Re-printing of certificate requires submission of police report)

$16.35 per copy
Application of Student Pass/ ICA Letter of Consent $327.00 per application
Renewal of Student Pass/ ICA Letter of Consent $218.00 per application
Graduation $80.00 – $150.00 per pax

Fee Payment Mode 

Electronic Payment via iBanking / Internet Banking: 

Account no.: 003-912131-8 

Bank name:  DBS 


Account Type: Current 

Bank Code:  7171 

Branch Code: 003 

Note: Please indicate student number as reference no. upon making your payment. 

Electronic Payment via AXS e-Station 

  1. Choose Education à Busy Bees 
  2. Enter Students NRIC/FIN number or AIC Student Number 
  3. Enter your Contact Number 
  4. Amount Payable (Minimum amount of $100 is required) 

Cheque Payment 

  1. Issue cheque payable to ‘Asian International College Pte Ltd’  
  2. Indicate Class Code, Full Name, NRIC and Handphone No. on the back of cheque 
  3. Drop into the Cheque Deposit box located above the Assignment Drop Box’, next to AIC main offices back door. 

NETS Payment 

SkillsFuture Credit Claim 

Who are eligible:

  • All Singapore Citizens aged 25 and above will be able to access their SkillsFuture Credit account 

What are the Qualifying Fee? 

  • Course Fees 
  • Certification Fees 
  • Assessment Fees; and  
  • goods and services tax (“GST”) imposed on (i), (ii) & (iii) 

AIC’s total course fees payable inclusive of course fees, FPS Admin Fee and GST. FPS Admin Fee is not eligible for SkillsFuture Credit Claim. 

How do you claim? 

  • You can submit claim 60 days before the start of course. You are NOT allowed to submit the SFC claim once the course has started. 
  • If you wish to cancel the claim, you can do so at least 1 day before the start of course.  
  • You MUST inform our consultant upon course application if you intend to utilize your SFC to pay for the course fee.  
  • You can visit https://www.aic.edu.sg/admissions/how-to-apply/, click for SkillsFuture Credit Claim User Guide for a step-by-step instruction on how to submit a claim.