Students can apply for deferment of semester/unit ONLY ONCE.Extension of deferment period will only be considered should there be valid reasons and additional supporting documents provided by the student.

All students are required to complete their programme within the programme/course duration stipulated in the Student Contract. If the students wish to defer their studies, they are required to submit a duly completed “Student Request Form” and with supporting documents to Student Support Office (SS) for consideration.

Deferment of a programme is subject to approval from the college’s management. Deferment application will only be considered provided valid reasons are given. Examples of valid reasons are medical reason, bereavement of immediate family members including parents, spouse and children etc.  Students with government funding will be subjected to relevant authority approval.  For company-sponsored students, request must be submitted along with company consent letter.  For an International student on Student’s Pass, approval needs to be sought from the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) for extension or other arrangements.

If the deferment request is approved, students are given additional time equivalent to the original programme duration or 12 months whichever shorter to complete the whole course: e.g. if the programme duration is 4 months, students will be given 4 additional months to complete the programme. If the programme duration is 30 months, students will be given an additional 12 months to complete the progamme.

Download: Deferment Procedure