Course Deferment Policy

“Defer” means a student wishes to take an intermission / break in his/her studies and therefore the programme duration will be extended. For deferment of study, the student is required to sign an Addendum reflecting the new end of programme date.

  1. Students are required to submit a duly completed Student Request Form or written notification and with supporting documents (if applicable).
  2. Deferment application will only be considered if valid reasons are provided. Examples of valid reasons are medical reason, bereavement of immediate family members, etc.
  3. Students with government funding will be subjected to relevant authority approval.
  4. For company-sponsored students, request must be submitted along with company consent letter.
  5. The College does not allow deferment for Student Pass Holders unless under special circumstances with approval from the EXCO and ICA clearance.
  6. Submitting the request does not automatically result in an official deferment. For approved deferment, Students must ensure that they sign an addendum to reflect the changes as confirmation of the deferment.

Conditions for Granting Deferment

  1. Availability of the Schedules and Classes.
  2. Students can apply for deferment of semester / unit only once. Extension of deferment period will only be considered should there be a valid reasons and additional supporting documents provided by the student.
  3. In applying for deferment, student has to take note of the maximum course completion timelines. Students must ensure that there is sufficient time for them to complete their studies according to the timeline.
    • Students are given additional time equivalent to the original programme duration or 12 months whichever shorter to complete the whole course. Example, if the programme duration is 4 months, students will be given 4 additional months to complete the programme, if the programme duration is 30 months, students will be given an additional 12 months to complete the programme.
  4. Offering of modules / courses are subject to availability. The College reserves the right to offer similar unit(s) in replacement of discontinued unit(s).
  5. Should students fail to resume the programme after the deferment, the student will be deemed to have withdrawn from the programme enrolled and no refund will be made.

Course Deferment Procedure

  1. Students submit request for deferment of programme to Registrar’s Office.
  2. Students who are under 18 years old, the approval from parents / legal guardian is required prior to request for deferment.
  3. Registrar’s Office will evaluate and approve the deferment request.
  4. Registrar’s Office will inform student of the conditions for deferments and that Student Pass will be subjected to ICA’s approval.
    • The College does not allow deferment for Student Pass Holder unless under special circumstances with the approval from EXCO and ICA clearance.
  5. Registrar’s Office will check on the student’s attendance and course fee status and obtain clearance where applicable.
  6. Registrar’s Office will issue an addendum reflecting the new course end date and schedule (if applicable).
  7. College Admin will update FPS Provider and records within 7 working days upon signing of addendum.
  8. Registrar Office will update list of deferments within 3 working days.
  9. The College will process the deferment request within four (4) working weeks, subject to the approval from ICA and/or External Education Partner, where applicable.