1. An appeal is a request for a review of a decision of an Examination Board. A student may only request a review of the decision of an Examination Board on valid grounds, which include:
    • Grade not determined by assessment method specified
    • Work handed in on time and not marked
    • Alleged disadvantage through lack of feedback
    • Alleged bias affecting the assessment
    • Alleged incorrect advice from staff teaching the unit in question
    • Any other grounds accepted for appeal and review
  2. Invalid grounds for appeal include:
    • Objectives in the unit in question
    • Assessment methods approved for unit
    • Standard required to achieve particular grades
    • Personal or medical problems
    • Financial implications of not passing the unit
    • Grades received by student in other units
    • Amount of work done
    • Penalty imposed for plagiarism in accordance with College Guidelines
  3. There is no right of appeal against decisions of an Examination Board, which are matters of academic judgment.
  4. Disagreement with the academic judgment of an Examination Board in assessing any information relating to a student’s performance does not in itself constitute grounds for a request by a student for reconsideration.
  5. Candidates who wish to appeal against a decision of the examiners are allowed to do so under the terms of the College’s Appeals Procedure.
  6. All appeals shall be managed in a fair and impartial manner.
  7. Appeals are to be submitted in writing, within 7 working days from the release of assessment results to the Student Support Office and the results of the appeals are to be made known to the students within 4 weeks.
  8. A student whose case in under consideration by the Examination Board shall have the right to continue with his/her course until such time as a decision is reached, to ensure that he/she is academically disadvantaged.
  9. The Registrar Office will review the request and discuss the appeal with the Associate Head Faculty. The Associate Head Faculty will engage faculty and/or Subject Matter Expert (SME) to review the appeal.
  10. For the purpose of considering the Appeal, the Examination Board shall consider where applicable the following:
    • The student’s statement of appeal
    • The student’s extraordinary circumstances statement
    • The student’s verbal presentation to the Board (where applicable)
  11. The Faculty or SME will review the assignment. The Faculty or SME will determine the final grade (where applicable), which may be higher, lower or the same as the original grade.
  12. Outcome of appeals are to be approved by the Examination Board before notifying the student.
  13. For appeals to the external partner, the Examination Board is to endorse the outcomes before notifying the student of the outcome.
  14. The appeal grade will be reviewed and endorsed by the Examination Board. The final grade will be communicated to students within 4 weeks from the date of appeal.
  15. The appeal process is available in the Student Handbook for students to view.