Institutional Customers

Christ University

Students enrolled in the full-time MBA offered by Christ University will register for the Postgraduate Certificate in International Business offered at AIC. The programme is delivered through a combination of online learning, face-to-face interactions with international faculty at CU’s Bangalore campus, and a study tour to Singapore incorporating face-to-face sessions with faculty. Students earn credits for the modules pursued at AIC, and receive a Postgraduate Certificate in International Business from AIC, in addition to the MBA from Christ University.

KLAY Schools

Students enrolled in the 4-week International Certificate in Education – Infant, Toddler Care and Development offered by KLAY Schools, Bangalore, is delivered by faculty from AIC, Singapore. The face-to-face programme is part of the formal induction programme at KLAY for newly recruited teachers, which runs parallel to a three-month internship with KLAY.

What Our Student Says

“The training provided by Ms. Gowri and Ms. Komala was a wonderful learning experience. I learnt many childcare best practices through group discussions, role-play, presentations, and individual reflections, just to name a few. Some of my key takeaways from this training were:

  • The different stages of development in infants and toddlers, and the ways to observe each child, including event sampling and running records and checklists.
  • In “Safety, Health and Nutrition”, we discussed the different diseases affecting infants and toddlers, prevention and management of such diseases, types of vaccinations, and the importance of learning basic first aid used in the centre.
  • I also learnt more about handling and maintaining parent-caregiver relationships for the development of the child. It gave me a detailed insight into preparations to be done before, during and after the parent-teacher conferences.
  • Regular checks on the indoor and outdoor environment including materials and resources is important for the safety and affective learning of children.
  • Lesson plans should be uniquely implemented with each child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social development quotient taken into account.

All in all, I learnt to be a good human resource for the centre, maintain good relationships with the parents, and utilise my knowledge to settling the children for learning.” – Ms. Shimna (Toddler Teacher)


The partnership with SCMHRD of the Symbiosis Education Society, Pune, is unique in its structure. Students enrolled in the full-time MBA with SCMHRD take a single module from the suite of modules in Sustainable Business offered at AIC. The eight-week module is conducted entirely online with continual assessments and an open-book/open-web (OBOW) examination utilising AIC’s online pedagogical tools. The module is launched by an AIC faculty in a face-to-face session. Students earn a Professional Development Award in Sustainable Development and Competitive Advantage at the end of the programme.

Your Kids ‘R’ Our Kids

Your Kids ‘R’ Our Kids® (YKROK) is an exceptional preschool, day and after-school care and education centre that offers a truly premium experience in early learning and care for children aged 3 months to 12 years. In a bid to update the competency of teachers and work towards the goal of “wholly trained centers”, YKROK has enrolled 30 of their teachers in AIC’s International Certificate in Education – Preschool Teaching (ICEPT) programme. YKROK intends to train over 250 teachers over the course of 2013-14 and will also be investing in upgrading the leadership skills of YKROK Center managers.