Living Singapore

Living in Singapore

The vibrancy of its 5.18 million people makes Singapore a uniquely distinctive place. With a total land area of just 646 square kilometres, Singapore has a diverse population of Chinese, Malay, Indian and other races, covering a wide spectrum of religions, cultures, and languages living harmoniously together. The synergistic mix of ethnic groups offers international students a wide spectrum of choices for living and playing in Singapore.

Studying in Singapore allows you to experience a unique social, cultural and educational exposure. Students can immerse in the rich multicultural heritage of Singapore and also enjoy the thriving arts and cultural scene. It is truly a vibrant cosmopolitan city.

Strategically located only a few hours away from other Asian countries by air, Singapore is also known as the city with one of the most extensive and efficient public transportation systems in the world. Travelling in the city and suburbs is typically a quick and affordable affair.

Singapore has an excellent education system that enables students to realise their fullest potential and stay relevant in the current knowledge-based economy where good job opportunities for executives and professionals are abound. It is a safe city with a low crime rate and a stable political environment.

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