Executive & Academic Teams

Executive Team

The Asian International College includes a team of dedicated senior executives, academic and administrative staff who serves in the following departments:

  • Members of Teaching Faculty
  • Admissions & Course Planning
  • Registrar’s Office, Student Support and Exam & Assessment
  • Quality Assurance

The functions of Corporate & HR Management, Finance, Marketing Communications and IT are supported by Busy Bees, AIC’s headquarter.

Senior Management Team

Ken Yeo, Chief Operating Officer (Training)

Having spent 30 years across the private education industry, Ken possesses extensive experience, drawing from his time spent in higher education to language schools, K-12 International Schools as well as teacher colleges. As such, he is well-versed in the areas of Finance, HR, curriculum design and Operations.

Since 1992, he spent his early years in the industry as the General Manager at the Singapore Institute of Commerce. He then left the Institute to take on the position of Managing Director & CEO of Auston Institute of Management & Technology in 1996. Subsequently in 2005, he rejoined the Singapore Institute of Commerce as their Executive Director & CEO. Prior to Ken’s appointment as the Regional Director of Asian International College, he was the Chief Operating Officer of Hillside World Academy (formerly known as the Chinese International School) from end 2011 till September 2016.

Ken is trained in Economics from his first degree awarded by the leading school, London School of Economics. After being awarded an honours degree by the University of London in 1992, he embarked on his career in the private education industry. He further pursued two Master degrees – an MBA from the University of Western Sydney and Masters of IT Management from the University of Wollongong.

Alvinna Chua, Head of College

Alvinna has been working in the private education industry for 26 years.  Over the years, she held leadership positions in the areas of Student Administration, Course Operations and Human Resources.  Alvinna believes in building a well-integrated and high performing team to provide administration excellence with lifelong passion for educating individuals, riding on the uniqueness of AIC’s logo, ‘Where the Best are Trained!’.  She brings a wealth of relevant experience to this role and embodies the character and vision to lead her team.

Alvinna obtained a Master of Arts in Education (Childhood Studies) from Birmingham City University, UK, complementing her outstanding professional achievements.

  • Academic Board Members

    Dr. Paola Elizabeth Pedrelli, Member

    Dr. Sim Beng Wah, Member

    Gloria P. Naidu, Academic Head and Associate Faculty Head (English)

  • Examination Board Members

    Guo Jian Ye, Associate Faculty Head (Mandarin)

    Gloria P. Naidu, Academic Head and Associate Faculty Head (English)

    Alvinna Chua, Head of College

Teaching Faculty

We have a team of full-time English and Mandarin faculty members supported by associate faculty members from the industry.

Early Childhood Courses (ECCE)

English Faculty

Mandarin Faculty

Other Courses