Early Childhood Learning and Career

e-FAIR 2020

Do you want to become a Preschool Teacher?

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Nurture Education Group

For Bachelor’s and Master’s degree sign up during the SFM will be eligible for up to $5,800 rebate*.

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List of e-Workshops

(only for 18 July):

Delivered by Ms. Gloria Naidu (Associate Head Faculty for Early Childhood Education at AIC)

Delivered by Ms Shirley (AIC Chairperson of Academic Board ) and Ms Zhang He Mei (Specialist Lecturer & Registered Midwife)

Delivered by Ms Nur Azlina Bte Subari (Lecturer at the Faculty of Early Childhood Education at AIC)



主讲人:Shirley老师(AIC学术委员会主席),郑河梅老师 (AIC学前教育专家)